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Monument list


List of building presented for monument status over 2008 and 2009 of which 42 were approved and 9 are still on appeal.


List of monuments :

Fort Amsterdam

Union Farm

Vineyard Building,

Methodist Church

Methodist Manse,

Brick Building

Guava berry Emporium

Pasanggrahan Royal Guest house

Bishop Hill

Madame Estate

L.B. Scott Road 105

Dutch Reformed Cemetery

Mary's Fancy

Front Street 134

The White House (Vlaun House Front Street)

Zoutfabriek Foga

Plantage Belvedere

Verkaveling Zoutpan

Backstreet 171, 153, 152, 93

Dollison house Backstreet

St. Joseph Convent

Court House

Front street 113

Emilio Wilson Estate

Simpson Bay road 11

Simpson Bay road 44

Simpson Bay Old Bridge

St. Petrus Gonzales Chapel (Simpsons Bay)

St. Peters Battery

Ebenezer Plantation

Bethlehem Plantation

St. Joseph School, Frontstreet 28

Oranje School, Frontstreet 100

Sr. Borgia School, Cannergieterstraat

Roman Catholic Church, Frontstreet

Backstreet 44

Frontstreet 37

Frontstreet 56

Frontstreet 57

Frontstreet 59

Frontstreet 96

Frontstreet 171

Henderiksteeg 4

Henderiksteeg 6

Smidsteeg 3