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HMS Proselyte


HMS Proselyte (shipwrecked 1801, Great bay)


H.M.S Proselyte was originally a Dutch war Frigate, named “Jason”, was built in Rotterdam in 1770. Through mutiny the ship was handed over to the British Royal Navy in

 June 1796. The British altered it from a 36 piece (canon) to a 32 piece (canon) and renamed it H.M.S. “PROSELYTE”. The Ship sank in full view of Philipsburg on September 2nd, 1801 when it hit a coral reef. The “PROSELYTE” today lies on her starboard side just beyond the mouth of Great Bay at Philipsburg. The “PROSELYTE Reef” has become a popular dive site.

A model of the ship and many collected artifacts found on the seabed can be viewed in the museum.