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About Us




The St. Maarten National Heritage Foundation and Museum aim to promote, protect and study every aspect of the history, culture and natural environment of the island St. Maarten and its surroundings


We aim to achieve our objectives by:

- Letting visitors explore St. Maarten’s rich history and culture by visiting our Museum

- Collecting books, videos, other publications for our reference library, which can be used for personal or educational purposes

- Affiliations with other like minded organizations

- Giving schools the opportunity to organize field trips to the Museum and historical sites

- Organizing nature activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking




Who are we?




Who are we?

The St. Maarten National Heritage Foundation, is a non- profit organization that was established on October 4 1993 as the result of a merger between the St. Maarten National Park Foundation and the St Maarten Museum Foundation.






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